Set Them Free

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Set Them Free is part of Alykat's 2014 series Escape from the Circus, which features a strong Lion setting his gorgeous lion cub free from a life performing on demand, inspiring and reminding us all of the right to freedom and happiness.


Alykat Greeting Cards feature a thoughtul redesign of Alyson's Fine Art Prints to ensure quality and integrity of the design are witheld on a smaller scale.

  • Hand drawn, designed and remastered by Alyson Pearson
  • Printed within Australia on quality 300gsm acid free textured stock
  • Blank on the inside inside to suit any occasion
  • White peel and seal 120gsm envelope 
  • A6 when folded

Please allow up to 14 days for postage within Australia. For Coffs Harbour pick up please contact me to arrange