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Alyson enjoys all kinds of illustration and design work, but her true strengths lie in creating playful and unique concepts combining whimsical hand drawings with digital elements and photography.

This style works favourably with projects like cover artwork for posters, publications, festivals, books, boutique packaging, and contemporary editorial style design. 

Some recent projects include boutique packaging design for raw, organic chocolate Deva Cacao, a masterpiece cover artwork for SWIFF film festival, and an 8 metre mural design inspiring hope in the Coffs Harbour Hospital Paediatric Emergency corridors.

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Ten years on and still

The Horses Will Play

2022 marks 10 years since The Horses Will Play was conceived. The much loved artwork featuring a detailed drawing of a carousel overlaying a photo of Coffs Harbour's beloved Jetty at dusk, and whimsical horses jumping free into the ocean after a long day is still an Alykat favourite and best seller.

Originally created as an entry to the Semi-Permanent and Curvy graphic design and illustration books in 2012, where it was accepted and featured in both publications, and first exhibited at Sydney's aMBUSH Gallery for the Curvy book launch.

Treat yourself during the carousel's 10th anniversary with your very own fine art print to pass on for generations.

When I look at The Horses Will Play, the carousel represents me on the merry go round of my corporate career – before I finally decided to free myself. This artwork has pride and place on the wall in my office as a reminder that even on the days I’m drowning, I’m free.
— Cath Fowler,
Very cool little studio showcasing local artists and run by an amazing artist full of enthusiasm, creativity and positive energy. It is so good to have somewhere like this in Coffs Harbour.
— Nina Meunier
Aly's teaching approach is colourful, engaging, considered and encouraging. Her ability to think and teach 'outside the box' inspires and has given me the confidence to go further and be less conservative with my work.
— James Lander

Inspiring Studio space

Starting out as a gallery space, now re-birthed as a working studio, Alyson has created an all inspiring and playful space beaming with creativity.

The studio hosts regular artist talks, workshops and short courses, and Alykat's popular curated group exhibitions that flow into the graffiti art filled laneway – right in the heart of Coffs Harbour, a must for visitors to the mid north coast of NSW and locals alike looking for a burst of inspiration.

Book a viewing and meet Aly, explore and purchase the artwork, or check out what events and workshops are coming up.

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Alyson Pearson

Alyson Pearson is a contemporary illustrator, graphic designer and educator based on the Coffs Coast of NSW, Australia.

Having lived and worked commercially in London, Sydney and Melbourne for most of her career, in 2018 Aly felt the pull to come home to Coffs Harbour where she is part of a community and enjoys a more balanced lifestyle.

After teaching at Shillington School of Graphic Design – one of the most prestigious design colleges in the world – Aly now teaches graphic design locally at TAFE and her own short courses.

Heavily involved in the local creative and small business community, Aly is enjoying collaborating with artists and brands that align with her values and style. Get in touch to book a consultation or viewing, sign up to the Newsletter and follow the socials to keep up on all things Alykat.